Powder Coating Process

Alloy Wheel Paint Removal

Alloy Wheels are stacked inside our stripping tank submerged in a chemical solution removing all paint coatings. The wheels are in the tank for around 20 – 30 minutes. The wheel on the right has been in the tank for around 5 minutes and the process has just started to remove the coating, a short while later the wheel emerges like the wheel on the left with all coatings removed leaving behind the bare aluminium ready for the refurbishment process. Original manufacturers paint and Powder coat is tough to remove and requires careful removal without damaging the alloy. Chemicals are less agressive than media blasting and is our choice for paint and powdercoat removal.

Alloy Wheel Inspection & Welding

Wheels are inspected for damage, minor kerb damage and light scuff marks can be taken care of using fine grade sanding papers for a seamless repair. For wheels with more substantial damage, will move to the next step.

Tig Welding is the correct way to fill damaged areas, no fillers or heavy fill coats of primer. Being able to strip away the previous coatings allows us to work on the metal itself meaning the problem areas are taken care of and not hidden.

Final Prep

The final stage before starting the powder coat process is to ensure that all parts of the wheel are free from corrosion and that all areas are sanded smooth. Wheels are then cleaned and degreased. Before applying the powder coating the wheels are baked in an oven at 200 c to outgas all contaminents.

Powder Coating & Oven Curing

After applying the colour, wheels are placed back in the oven for around half an hour, during this time the powder starts to flow out and cure leaving a tough and durable finish. Various powders and colours require different temperatures. The process is the same when applying primers and clear.